I am a teacher who was asked to teach a class. I didn’t like the textbooks we had at the school, so I set out to create something different. I wanted to make it meaningful for my students, and I did just that.

It will revolutionize the way you teach. – Mr. Hunter

Don’t just take my word on it; here is what others are saying:

Testimonials of Teachers and Students

After the lesson on calculating paychecks and possible payroll errors

“My daughter had the exact experience. We caught it and spent months having her argue with her supervisor.
In the end, the payroll clerk was charged with fraud and embezzlement!”
L. Layshot – Parent

I just started teaching this class

“WOW!! Received your curriculum and absolutely LOVE IT! I used to teach 6th grade and did this type of stuff all the time. It’s nice to have it all organized and put together! Thanks a ton!”
W. Hill – Teacher

After graduating high school.

“This class opened my eyes to a world outside of high school. At the same time, I’m learning not only math, but what it takes to survive in a working economy.”
Jonathan – recent graduate

Does it really work?

“I put your advice to use, and it got me a job 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)”
J. Gomez – first time employee

I have never liked math, until this class.

“Coolest class I’ve ever taken. It actually helps you with your future.”
Cheyenne – Student