Software Tutorials

We are working through the bugs and are continually developing tutorials and helps.  If there is something missing or you have a question, pleas contact us.  We will do our best to help you.

With a subscription you will have access to the online software that keeps track of all of the students financial information.

Check Out our New Videos

We have created tutorials for our software. Check out the newest videos and let us know what you think. 

Getting Started with the Software

The software comes with some basic information already set up for your classroom.  follow this quick start guide to help you enter your student’s information and get started.

Additional Setup

The additional setup will help you make modifications to some of the basic settings in the software.

More Advanced Setup

After you are comfortable with the software then you can make additional changes such as changing the amounts withheld from paychecks, illness, accidents, loans and so forth.  Remember that some these changes are retroactive, so generally we recommend that you do our changes at the first of the year.

Real Money vs. Virtual Money

No, there is no real money that exchanges hands.  The Financial Tracking Software allows the teacher to create a virtual classroom where the students put into practice the financial skills they are learning in the Consumer Math: Personal Finance and Business Finance Curriculum.

The Financial Tracking Software is designed to help the educator track the students’ virtual income and bills. This software handles the banking, billings, and grade tracking system that is necessary to facilitate a curriculum based on money and not letter grades.  It is not intended for student’s direct use with the exception that students are able to log in and check their current account balances as well as having the ability to submit bill changes for the teacher’s approval.  The students will do most of their work on paper, but the teacher will use the software to check the students’ work.

Each week the students earn an income based on their attendance and assignments.  Based on this information, the software will create and print out a Paycheck for each student.  The student will then write checks based on the bills that are introduced in the curriculum.  The Curriculum CD includes the blank checks that would need to be printed for the students.  No real money changes hands, but the virtual setup creates a fun environment where students can learn real world skills without having to suffer through the School of Hard Knocks.