Curriculum CD: Personal Finance


CD with all of the course’s lessons, projects, worksheets, forms, and more.

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The 2015 Curriculum update is here!

If you want the flexibility to alter the Lessons to suit your teaching style,  you will need to buy the curriculum CDs. Also included are all of the Math Skills Worksheets, Quizzes, Tests, and Projects in PDF format. It even comes with a detailed Lesson Plan that tells you what you need each week to make your job easier.  They match the material available online. Purchasing the CDs gives greater freedom to the teacher, insuring that their lesson material is available and ready regardless of the internet’s current condition.

Our Personal Finance Curriculum focuses on the individual student and the ways they use math in their daily lives.

Topics covered:

  • Unit 1: Getting a Job
  • Unit 2: Calculating Payments
  • Unit 3: Checks
  • Unit 4: Wages and Income
  • Unit 5: Meal Planning and Saving Money
  • Unit 6: Budgeting
  • Unit 7: Medical Insurance
  • Unit 8: Auto Insurance
  • Unit 9: Interest
  • Unit 10: Investing: The Stock Market
  • Unit 11: Buying a Car
  • Unit 12: Buying a House
  • Unit 13: Home Improvement
  • Unit 14: Home Party Planning

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