Unit 7: Life After High School

In this unit students will learn about:

  1. Colleges
    • Understand accreditation.
    • Understand college degrees.
    • Know how to compare colleges and universities.
    • Understand financial aid.
    • Learn about standardized tests.
  2. Armed Services
    • Learn the differences between the military branches.
    • Learn about ROTC.
    • Learn about the different career paths in the Armed Serves.
  3. Vocational Training
    • Learn about careers available to High School Graduates.
    • Learn about Vocational Schools.
  4. Work on their personal plan for Life After High School

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 Watch the following videos and complete the corresponding pages in your workbook.

Understanding Options

Key Terms to Know


College Degrees

Comparing Colleges

Financial Aid

Standardized Tests

What are Armed Services


Armed Services Career Paths

Careers out of High School
Vocational Education