Consumer Math Products

Our Consumer Math curriculum is a teacher directed year long course designed to satisfy a general math or financial literacy requirement.

The curriculum comes with easy to follow course outlines, pacing guides, and everything you need to teach the class. Each annual subscription gives you access to all of our material in PDF format and access to the Financial Tracking Software, allowing you to create paychecks, generate bills, and manage the students’ bank balances. Worksheets and assignments are printed or copied so everyone has access to the material.

Select the components you need from our list below. If you have questions, or would like to receive an estimate for your school, contact us.

Online Subscription

With this subscription teachers have access to all of the course material online. Students learn how to get jobs, calculate wages, and pay bills; everything they need for real life. Each week they receive a paycheck based on the work they do in class and pay the bills they have found. Their goal is to stay out of debt, and the person with the most money establishes the “A” grade.

Recommended purchase

Teachers Manual

Contains a printout of all of the worksheets, quizzes, tests, and other material you would need to photocopy for the students. We recommend you purchase one of each for your class.

Recommended purchase

Curriculum on CD

The Curriculum on CD contains the same material that is available online, but the lessons are editable with PowerPoint. Teachers can print and photocopy the material from the CD.

Recommended purchase

Student Workbook

The Student Interactive Workbook is set up unit-by-unit with sufficient time cards and Cornell Notes Pages for the 20 week Personal Finance course.  Each unit section includes the appropriate time cards, notes pages, worksheets, projects, forms. These are a great option for you and your students.

Great option- 1 for each student

Student Checkbook

Checkbooks that are bound with perforated edges so your students have all of the material they need. Each student would use the following:

Great option- 1 for each student.