Lowering My Bills and Other Hints

Lowering bills is easy, and is the best way to stay out of debt.  Even the most highly paid person will be in debt if they can’t control their spending.

Use the Wage and Bill Calculator  This will help you see if your expenses are out of line.


Keep in mind that there are more ways than one to live.  3 room homes may be less expensive than a 1 room apartment.  Find roommates.


Find the least expensive utility bill for the year.  Look at months where the weather is more plesant, like spring or fall


You can calculate your own bill.  It is required to have the following:

  • Clothes
    1. 3 outfits  (outfits you can wear while at work, not at the beach or a party)
    2. 2 pairs of shoes
  • Cell Phone: 1 month of service, not the phone
  • Date Nights: 4 nights out (dinner, movie, dance, etc.)
  • Toiletries: TP, Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap etc…


An inexpensive new car is best.  Too old, and the gas and maintenance costs are high.  However, you are required to OWN a car for emergencies, but not DRIVE the car.  If you take public transportation, your gas cost goes away.  Look up bus fare and compare


The food menu is a sure way to reduce your expenses.  Review Meal Planning, and complete the project called  My Menu.  Use the Menu Worksheet to help you get organized.

Lemonade Stand

Play the game on the attached link.  Try to have the most money after 7 days.