Getting Started Life Skills

LS Button 480These courses are designed to teach participants all of the things they will need to know to be a successful citizen. It is like a HOW TO class on real life.

Living on your Own (20 weeks)

Learn the basics of surviving life on your own. Setting goals, finding jobs, organizing yourself using planners, the cloud, resumes. Commonly taught as Semester 1 in a Life Skills class.

Living in Your Community (20 weeks)

Learn the necessities of functioning in the community. moving, forwarding mail, political parties, religion. Commonly taught as Semester 2 in a Life Skills class.

Transition to Independent Living (8 weeks)

Designed to teach life skills to teens who have been in foster care, wards of the state, or other supervised care, and are transitioning to independent living. Commonly taught as an 8 week short course.