Frequently Asked Questions

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Local teachers are selling grades, and it’s legal?!  Selling grades is easy and is an excellent way to teach students about life.  In this course students learn by doing.  They get jobs, pay bills, and maintain a positive balance in their bank account.  They can buy insurance, get sick, or have other accidents.  Sometimes they are down sized, evicted, or just plain unlucky.  After all, this is real life.

At the end of the course, they use the money they have saved to buy their grade.  The person who is able to save the most money “wins.”  Students with a positive balance will pass, and anyone in debt will fail.

How do they get a job, pay bills, and so forth?

Students find applications to jobs they would qualify for and apply with the instructor.  If they interview well, they are hired.  They are paid a competitive wage.  Each day of classroom attendance equates to 8 hours of work.  But if they are late or miss work without reporting off, they can be fired.

They get paid for completing reports, projects, or anything else you want to reward them for.

But it isn’t just income; they must pay their bills as well. The bills may be rent on their homes, cars, and food.  In a different class they may rent their desk, use of the art materials. You can charge them $10.00 for every bathroom break. You can set up your classroom to positively reinforce the desired activities. Classroom management becomes very easy.

They must pay these bills each week.  Their goal is to find bills that they can afford.  As they work, earn money, and pay bills weekly they will learn the skills necessary to successfully manage their personal lives.

What do I grade?

Assignments and projects can be graded just like you currently do.  The main difference is that rather than awarding points, you are issuing a weekly paycheck.

Students will pay expenses and keep an accurate balance.  The Finance Tracking Software helps manage all of these activities.

Isn’t it hard to keep track of their money?

The  Finance Tracking Software will help you track all financial activities of the students.  You can create pay checks, submit bills, provide loans, and track all financial transactions of your student and their companies.  The history of all financial activities for every student is tracked and can be reviewed or modified at any time.

Once a class is set up in the software keeping track of their bills and money is simple.  The computer does it for you; all you do is enter the weekly time cards, distribute paychecks, and reconcile the accounts weekly to ensure the students are not making mistakes.

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