Home Economics Related Occupations (HERO)

We are always adding and modifying curriculum.  Please contact us if you are interested in supporting our efforts.

Home Economics Related Occupations or HERO programs are designed to prepared students for careers. We focus on different types of careers, and have projects that are related to those careers.

BTN Child Development

Unit 1: Child Development

Create learning environments, set schedules, and create curriculum for children in various developmental stages.

BTN Consumer Services

Unit 2: Consumer Services

Learn about the different services for consumers including recalls, and learn how to take care of you customers.

BTN Education

Unit 3: Education

Explore educational opportunities for your self and others.  Create age appropriate curriculum and explore the different stages of development.

BTN Family Human Services

Unit 4: Family and Human Services

Learn about the different services available to families, and design your own service organization.

BTN Fashion Design

Unit 5: Fashion Design

Explore how to design, market, and manufacture different fashions for potential customers.

BTN Food Science Dietetics Nutrition

Unit 6: Food Science, Dietetics & Nutrition

Learn about how recipes work and design products based on diet and nutrition.

BTN Food Service and Hospitality

Unit 7: Food Service & Hospitality

Learn about formal and informal settings.  learn to plan hospitality services for any group.

BTN Hospitality Tourism Recreation

Unit 8: Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation

Explore different careers in hospitality, tourism, an recreation, creating products and packages that you can sell.

BTN Interior Design

Unit 9: Interior Design

Understand the many facets of interior design from function, form, and appearance.