Consumer and Family Studies (CFS)

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Consumer and Family Studies programs provide students with life management, transferable, and employ-ability skills through instruction and leadership development activities.  This program focuses on preparing students to balance personal, family, and work responsibilities.

BTN Consumer Education

Unit 1: Consumer Education

Many people enter the workforce unprepared.  This unit covers the most urgent financial matters; getting a job, paying bills, and using credit.

BTN Food Nutrition

Unit 2: Food and Nutrition

Everyone likes to eat, but many don’t know the cost of food nor how to eat healthy.  This unit teaches about nutrition and presents resources for planning nutritious meals.

BTN Fashion Textile Apparel

Unit 3: Fashion, Textiles and Apparel

Whether wearing, repairing, or purchasing, textiles and apparel are integral to life.  This unit will review repairing, sewing, and designing apparel.

BTN Housing Furnishing

Unit 4: Housing and Furnishings

Learn about floor plans, remodeling, and decorating.  Then apply those lessons to the interior, exterior, and landscaping.

BTN Child Development Guidance

Unit 5: Child Development and Guidance

There is more to children than feeding and changing diapers.  Learn about different development stages of children, both physical and mental.

BTN Family Human Development

Unit 6: Family and Human Development

Explore the different ways to work as a family unit and plan family activities.

BTN Individual Family Health

Unit 7: Individual and Family Health

This unit will help you understand health and safety for yourself and your family.  You will learn about insurance, exercise, and emergency plans.

BTN Leadership Development 2

Unit 8: Leadership Development

Opportunities for great leadership skills abound.  In this unit you will have an opportunity to be a leader as you complete your final project.

BTN Final Presentation

Final: Consumer and Family Studies

Present what you have learned to your class.