Have students work as museum curators, archaeologists on a dig, or researching history to develop a constitution for a new Constitutional Republic.  Show them how understanding history can earn a living and help them advance in politics, business, education, and nearly every aspect of life.

Civil War



  1. Get a Job in History
  2. Historical Biography
  3. Repeat Your Day in Court
  4. Debate Preparation
  5. Drawing up Charges
  6. Evaluate a Speech


Buy Your Grade

Write a 2 page paper on King Tut: 100 points

Due 2 weeks, no late accept

Your museum wants to display King Tut.  To do this, you must demonstrate good knowledge of King Tut.

Choose how you will do that:

$100- Two page Fact Report

$50- Create the Display

$25- Write the placard for the display

$10- if you build the Placard

$50- Create 20 trivia questions

$10- Develop Crossword with key terms

You have 2 weeks.

Earning money is always more fun than earning points.