Personal Finance

How do I get a job? How much money am I worth and how do I calculate my pay. What do I do with my paycheck after I get it? This course teaches personal finances such as getting jobs, balancing checks, and saving money.

Teaching Material

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Online Material

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Week 1 BTN C1 Getting a Job Unit 1
Introduction – Getting a Job
Students will be introduced to the course material and getting started.
Week 2 BTN C1 Calculating Payments Unit 2
Calculating Payments
Students will learn how to calculate and estimate weekly payments for specific bills.
Week 3 BTN C1 Checks Unit 3
Students will learn how to pay bills and keep track of personal finances manually.
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
BTN C1 Calculating Wages and Income Unit 4
Calculating Wages and Income
Students will learn different ways to earn money including salary, tips, and commission.
Week 7
Week 8
BTN C1 Meal Planning Unit 5
Meal Planning & Saving Money
Students will learn how to save money and eat healthy as they plan weekly food expenses.
Week 9 BTN C1 Calculating a Budget Unit 6
Calculating a Budget
Students will show their budget on pie charts. They will learn some rules of thumb for budgeting.
Week 10
Week 11
BTN C1 Medical Insurance Unit 7
Medical Insurance
Students will learn about and made decisions regarding medical insurance.
Week 12 BTN C1 Auto Insurance Unit 8
Auto Insurance
Students will learn about and make decisions about automobile insurance.
Week 13 BTN C1 Interest Unit 9
Students will learn how to calculate simple and compound interest.
Week 14 BTN C1 Investing the Stock Market Unit 10
Investing – The Stock Market
Start Unit 11
Students will learn about stocks and the basics of price changes in the Stock Market.
Week 15 BTN C1 Buying a Car Unit 11
Buying a Car
Students will be introduced to various considerations for purchasing an automobile.
Week 16 BTN C1 Buying a House Unit 12
Buying a House
Students will be introduced to different aspects of purchasing a home.
Week 17
Week 18
BTN C1 Home Improvements Unit 13
Home Improvements
Students will be introduced home floor plans and calculations for various remodeling projects.
Week 19 BTN C1 Home Party Planning Unit 14
Home Party Planning
Students will learn to calculate the costs of hosting a party or gathering.
Week 20 BTN C1 Final Unit 15
Final Review and Final
Students will review the basics of the units taught and prepare for the final.