Student: Life Skills Curriculum

Consumer Math

This course is designed to prepare you for some of the basic things you will need to know how to do in real life and how to be a successful citizen; like a HOW TO class on real life. You must apply the principles you learn in the class, save money, and eventually buy your grade.

Living on Your Own

Topics Include: Setting goals, finding jobs, organizing yourself using planners, the cloud, resumes, Taxes, stocks, changing oil, unplugging a sink; it is a lot of different things.

Living in Your Community

Unit 2: Getting a Job




Transition to Independent Living

Topics: This class was designed primarily as a 8 week course to focus on the necessities of living in the world. Originally designed to teach life skills to teens who have been in foster care, wards of the state, or other supervised care, and are transitioning to independent living. These lessons are derived from the Living on Your Own and Living in Your Community units above.

Access the Online Bank

Login and keep track of your bills and bank balances. Check your balance frequently to ensure no one is taking money from your account.

You can get your username and password from your teacher.

  • Check out the Student Software Tutorial for help in changing bills and keeping track of your account balance.