STUDENT 8: Automobile Insurance

BTN C1 Auto Insurance

Length = 1 week
You will research car insurance to understand how insurance can help to achieve relative financial, liability and vehicle safety in the real world.

  • Describe automobile insurance
  • Explain the difference between liability and full coverage
  • Explain coverage limits
  • Select an insurance policy based on basic criteria

8.1 Automobile Insurnace- Part 1

Squeal, Crash, Crunch!!!  Oops, did I do that?  Learn what automobile insurance is, and the key terms to understanding insurance.

8.2 Automobile Insurance- Part 2

Squeal, Crash, Crunch!!!  Oops, did I do that?  Learn about the different costs of automobile insurance and liability.

/< h2>Hints & Helps

  • You may have an accident. Make sure you purchase the best automobile insurance to protect you.
  • Bring your own policies from home to compare coverage types.