STUDENT 6: Calculating a Budget

BTN C1 Calculating a Budget

Length = 1 week
This lesson prepares you to make a budget by introducing the concept of using a pie chart.  Most good household budgets have categories with similar percentages, such as a home loan payment is about 33% of total income.  You will explore different budgets, and learn how to improve your budget.

  1. Calculate percents
  2. Use percents to construct a pie charts
  3. Review calculating payments
  4. Set up a budget based on income and expenses
  5. Compare personal expenses with typical published budget amounts

6.1 Budgeting

Can you really afford to buy that new outfit?  Learn to set up a budget based on income.

6.2 Pie Charts

There is an easy to view where your money is going.  Learn how to create a pie chart based on actual budgets.

Hints & Helps

  • Talk with their parents about their family budget.
  • You may want to make a pie chart based on their family’s budget.
  • This is a good time to see why you may be struggling keeping money in your account.
  • Throughout the week, look for cheaper bills and to redo their food menus.
  • Try making Pie Charts on a spreadsheet.