STUDENT 5: Meal Planning & Saving Money

BTN C1 Meal Planning

Length = 2 weeks
This lesson will introduce menu planning and teach you to save money by changing and budgeting how you plan for meals and buy food.

  • Understand the basics of a healthy diet
  • Plan menu’s and estimate food costs
  • Calculate unit costs
  • Explain and demonstrate usage of advertisements and coupons
  • Setup a food menu that will be healthy while maintaining lower food costs

5.1 Unit Prices

How to compare prices when the products’ sizes are not the same.  Learn how to calculate the unit price of individual items.

5.2 Coupons

With the snip of your scissors, you can cut your grocery bill.  Learn how to use coupons to save money.

5.3 Unit Conversion

1 lb versus 16 oz.  Which weighs more?  Learn how to convert between common weights found on food packages in order to make better decision when comparing unit prices.

5.4 Menu Planning

Learn how to plan a weekly menu.  Use the cost of this menu in your weekly bills.

Hints & Helps

Discuss meal plans and to go shopping with their parents
Talk with a nutrition expert about the right types of food you should
Gather ads from local grocery stores and compare price
Review the Home Economics sections found at to learn more about nutrition: