STUDENT 4: Calculating Wages and Income

BTN C1 Calculating Wages and Income

Length = 3 weeks
In this unit you will learn different ways to earn money including hourly, salary, tips, and commission. You will also learn how to accurately compare different income values using equivalent hourly wage calculations.

  • Calculate wages from straight time, overtime, double-time
  • Calculate tips and equivalent hourly wages
  • Estimate annual salary from hourly wages
  • Calculate commission
  • Calculate income using piecework

4.1 Hourly Wage- Part 1

Students will learn about minimum wage, straight time, overtime, double-time, and stacking and they affect your wages.

4.2 Hourly Wage- Part 2

Students will learn how to calculate wages based on minimum wage, straight time, overtime, and double-time.

4.3 Rounding Time to 15 Minutes

Students will learn the basics of time and how to convert time to decimals.

4.4 Time Card Math

Students will learn what a time zone is and why we have them.  They will learn how to calculate time when crossing time zones.

4.5 Tips and Equivalent Pay

Earning money isn’t always strictly by the hour.  Learn how to calculate tips and equivalent pay, a more accurate method of comparing jobs and income.

4.6 Piecework

The more pieces you finish, the more you get paid.  Learn how to calculate an income based on piece work.

4.7 Commission

The more sales I make, the more I get paid. Learn how to calculate a sales based commission.

4.8 Annual Salary

Learn how to estimate what your annual income is based on hourly and weekly income.

Helps & Hints

  • Explore different careers.
  • Learn how different careers pay and how much they pay.
  • Talk with a school counselor about different careers you could prepare for.
  • Learn what training or education you will need for the career you are interested in.