STUDENT 3: Checks

BTN C1 Checks

Length = 1 week
This lesson will teach you how to write checks and keep track of money with a check register. You will also know how you will be graded and how to keep track of your money so you can buy your grade.

  • Describe parts of a personal check
  • Describe the parts of a payroll check
  • Describe parts of a check register
  • Write a personal check correctly
  • Maintain an accurate balance on a check register

3.1 Writing a Check

Learn the parts of a check, some basic rules about writing checks, and practice writing checks.

3.2 Using the Check Register

Learn to use a check register to keep track of bank account balances.

3.3 Adding and Subtracting Decimals

$1000.00 or $1.00000.  The decimal is such a small thing, easy to miss.  But imagine a world without it.  This lesson is a review on how to add and subtract decimals.

3.4 Grading the Check Register

OK, fine, other? How did I really do in balancing my account?

Ideas For Teaching:

  • Find an example of a real checkbook and register from a parent or friend
  • Find out how you can order a check book. Include costs, different colors and quantities from a couple of companies.