STUDENT 2: Calculating Payments

Length = 1 week


BTN C1 Calculating Payments

Learn how to calculate and estimate weekly payments for specific bills. The bills you find will become the weekly bills you pay. Make sure you don’t spend too much.

  • Calculate weekly rental rates
  • Look up car loan payments from a table
  • Look up estimated gas and maintenance costs from table
  • Calculate a budgeted utility cost from an actual utility bill.

2.1 Calculating Payments Rent and Utilities

The math of bills so you don’t overspend. Students will know how to accurately calculate the weekly cost of bills.

2.2 Calculating Automobile Payments and Maintenance

A cool ride is only cool when it is not being repossessed. Learn how to calculate the cost of automobile payments and maintenance using a look-up table.

2.3 Calculating the True Cost of Gas

Students will calculate the cost of fuel when driving a car using miles per gallon (MPG), fuel costs, and distance traveled

Hints & Helps

  • Talk to your parents about their family’s bills
  • It may take a long time to find good bills. Don’t just get the first one’s you find..
  • Don’t be afraid to make phone calls to landlords, apartments, or sales people to clarify questions such as “Are utilities included?”, or “What mileage does the car have?”