STUDENT 14: Home Party Planning

BTN C1 Home Party Planning

Length = 1 week
This lesson is designed to expose you to the complexities and costs of hosting a party or gathering.  You will learn unit costs, estimate attendances, and try to predict your needs for items such as chairs, table settings, and food.

  • Understand all of the items necessary to host a party
  • Calculate costs from attendance projections
  • Plan and host a party

14.1 Planning a Party

How to plan an event that will be the talk of the town.  Learn the processes of planning a party.

14.2 Calculating Party Costs

A party can come in many shapes and sizes…but usually, the bigger the party, the greater the cost.  Learn how to calculate a party’s cost using attendance projections.

Hints & Helps

  • Talk with a local party/wedding planner about their job.
  • Visit a local a party rental representative and talk about their company.