STUDENT 12: Buying a House

BTN C1 Buying a House

Length = 1 week
You will be introduced to various aspects of purchasing a home either as a primary residence or as an investment.  You will learn where to find home listings and how to compare different homes.

  • Know the steps to finding and purchasing a house
  • Compare houses by various criteria

12.1 Buying a House

There’s no place like home…there’s no place like home.  Learn the vocabulary related to buying a home and the steps to finding and purchasing a home.

12.2 Comparing Houses

One of these homes is not like the others…  Learn how to compare different homes and how to draw basic floor plans.

12.3 Home Loans

Learn the basics of home loans.

12.4 Square Foot Cost

Learn how to calculate and compare home costs.

Hints & Helps

  • Go online and look at various home designs and different places to purchase homes.
  • Take a field trip to look a homes for sale in your area.
  • Visit a Realtor in to discuss home buying.