STUDENT 11: Buying a Car

BTN C1 Buying a Car

Length = 1 week
During this lesson you will be introduced to purchasing a car.  You will learn about dealerships pricing, some negotiation strategies, and where to research book values of cars.

  • Know the definition of, and where to find, the asking price, book value, trade in value, and private party value of a car
  • Research vehicle reliability
  • Research vehicle prices and purchase options
  • Know how to price new cars with options

11.1 The Cost of a Car

At some point you are going to want a car.  The question is… How much are you going to pay for that car?  Learn the vocabulary related to buying a car and how to calculate the price of a car.

11.2 Calculating Car Payments

You decide to buy a truck: The question now is…How much are you really going to pay for that truck?  Learn how to calculate loan payments for an automobile.

11.3 Negotiating the Best Price

When it comes to buying a car, the most important question is…  How low can you go, and how do you get there?  Learn skills for negotiating the purchase price of a car.

Hints & Helps

  • Visit a dealership and collect pamphlets about different cars
  • Search “Kelly Blue Book” or “Edmunds” to compare cars.
  • Prepare to debate the different qualities of cars.
  • Think about how you would sell a car to someone.