STUDENT 10: Investing – The Stock Market

BTN C1 Investing the Stock Market

Length = 1 week
You will learn about stocks and their role in the Stock Market.  You will learn how to calculate the changing value of stock as demand rises and falls.

  • Know what the stock market is.
  • Describe what stocks are.
  • Know why stock prices change.
  • Know how to research and compare company stock prices.
  • Know what mutual funds are.
  • Perform buy and sell scenarios based on company reports.

10.1 Stocks

Learn what stocks are and how to buy and sell stock.

Form Playing the Stock Market

Hints & Helps

  • Look actual stock market data and prices
  • Pick a stock at the start of class and record it’s price.  Track that stock through the day and through the week.
  • Think of the risk and rewards of the stock market. How is  gambling different than investing in the market.