STUDENT 1: Introduction – Getting a Job

BTN C1 Getting a Job

Length = 1 week
You will learn about the course material, what is expected, and how to be successful. You will start by getting a job and learning how you are to be paid.

  • Know the course requirements
  • Be prepared to get a job
  • Be able to fill out a time card
  • Complete a job application
  • Practice interviewing strategies
  • Schedule, dress for, and successfully complete a job interview
  • Review adding and subtracting decimals

1.1 Introduction to this Course

You will be introduced to the structure of the class and will understand why it is necessary to buy your grade.

1.2 Time Cards

You will use a time card to keep track of your weekly activities.  This will be submitted each week with all supporting documents; projects, homework, etc.  Pay will be calculated based on attendance and the quality of the work submitted.

1.3 Applying for a Job

It’s not enough to wish you had a job; you have to earn it.  This lesson teaches some basics steps to applying for a job.

1.4 Interview Questions

Practice what to say now, so it is easy when you interview.  The interview is the second time the Hiring Manager is looking at you.  They liked what they saw on your application and resume, but those were pieces of paper.  Now they want to know what you are really like.

Hints & Helps

There is a lot of information available about getting a job.

  • Ask parents or teacher how they got their job.
  • Talk with them about their first job.
  • Have them show you their resume.
  • Remember, work experience can include volunteer work and even babysitting.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Talk to managers at other companies about what it takes to get hired there.
  • You qualify for more jobs than you think. Don’t just apply at the most common places (fast food). Many part time jobs have worked into lifetime careers.