Student: Personal Finance

How do I get a job? How much money am I worth? How do I calculate my pay? What do I do with my paycheck after I get it?

Week 1 BTN C1 Getting a Job Unit 1
Introduction – Getting a Job
You will learn about the course material, what is expected, and how to be successful. You will start by getting a job and learning how you are to be paid.
Week 2 BTN C1 Calculating Payments Unit 2
Calculating Payments
Learn how to calculate and estimate weekly payments for specific bills. The bills you find will become the weekly bills you pay. Make sure you don’t spend too much.
Week 3 BTN C1 Checks Unit 3
This lesson will teach you how to write checks and keep track of money with a check register. You will also know how you will be graded and how to keep track of your money so you can buy your grade.
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
BTN C1 Calculating Wages and Income Unit 4
Calculating Wages and Income
In this unit you will learn different ways to earn money including hourly, salary, tips, and commission. You will also learn how to accurately compare different income values using equivalent hourly wage calculations.
Week 7
Week 8
BTN C1 Meal Planning Unit 5
Meal Planning & Saving Money
This lesson will introduce menu planning and teach you to save money by changing and budgeting how you plan for meals and buy food.
Week 9 BTN C1 Calculating a Budget Unit 6
Calculating a Budget
This lesson prepares you to make a budget by introducing the concept of using a pie chart.  Most good household budgets have categories with similar percentages, such as a home loan payment is about 33% of total income.  You will explore different budgets, and learn how to improve your budget.
Week 10
Week 11
BTN C1 Medical Insurance Unit 7
Medical Insurance
You will learn about different medical terms and the different way’s medical insurance will cover your medical costs. You will research and acquire necessary medical insurance to understand how insurance can help to achieve relative financial and medical safety in the real world.
Week 12 BTN C1 Auto Insurance Unit 8
Auto Insurance
You will research car insurance to understand how insurance can help to achieve relative financial, liability and vehicle safety in the real world.
Week 13 BTN C1 Interest Unit 9
You will learn how to describe, and be able to calculate, simple and compound interest for an investment or a payment. You will begin to understand the cost of borrowing money on interest.
Week 14 BTN C1 Investing the Stock Market Unit 10
Investing – The Stock Market
Start Unit 11
You will learn about stocks and their role in the Stock Market.  You will learn how to calculate the changing value of stock as demand rises and falls.
Week 15 BTN C1 Buying a Car Unit 11
Buying a Car
During this lesson you will be introduced to purchasing a car.  You will learn about dealerships pricing, some negotiation strategies, and where to research book values of cars.
Week 16 BTN C1 Buying a House Unit 12
Buying a House
You will be introduced to various aspects of purchasing a home either as a primary residence or as an investment.  You will learn where to find home listings and how to compare different homes.
Week 17
Week 18
BTN C1 Home Improvements Unit 13
Home Improvements
You will be introduced to drawing home floor plans.  You will design a home floor plan based on certain square footage requirements and will calculate the cost and material requirements for various home remodeling projects.  Calculations will include interior and exterior of homes.
Week 19 BTN C1 Home Party Planning Unit 14
Home Party Planning
This lesson is designed to expose you to the complexities and costs of hosting a party or gathering.  You will learn unit costs, estimate attendances, and try to predict your needs for items such as chairs, table settings, and food.
Week 20 BTN C1 Final Unit 15:
Final Review and Final
During this lesson, you will review some of the most fundamental topics that are needed to survive in life.  These items will be on the final exam.