STUDENT 8: Calculate Selling Price

Length = 1 weeks

This lesson expands the concepts of unit sales and percents by teaching you how to create a pricing model for a popcorn company.

  1. Research and develop costs of ingredients for popcorn.
  2. Calculate serving costs for a bag of popcorn.
  3. Determine the sales price of the popcorn and profits.

Lesson 8.1 Popcorn Company

Did you know that a large tub of movie theater popcorn has a total unit cost of less than $2.00?

Helps & Hints:

  • Bring in various popcorn packages and prices from local stores and movie theaters.
  • Run experiments to determine how much popcorn is actually made from raw popcorn kernels.
  • Design an actual fund raiser selling popcorn.  Calculate the costs and project the money that would be earned. Then after the sale, compare your calculated profits with the actual profits.