STUDENT 4: Where is Tax Money Spent

Length = 1 week

You will learn the importance the government places on taxes, learn about very large numbers, and will learn where tax money is spent.

  1. Learn how to say large numbers
  2. Learn where tax money is spent
  3. Be able to calculate and show taxes as a percentage
  4. Modify these percentages based on personal preference

4.1 Large Numbers

Million, Billion , Trillion, Bajillion, Gazillion? What is the name of the largest number you know?

4.2 What is Worse

Which would you say was worse:  Killing someone or failing to pay your taxes?

4.3 Where Tax Money is Spent

In 2005, Congress came under fire for using tax dollars to build a $320 million bridge that would service an island of 50 people.

4.4 Graphing Budgets- Pie Graphs

Representing data as part of the whole.

4.5 Graphing Budgets- Bar Graphs

Comparing data across the X axis

4.6 Graphing Budgets- Line Graphs

Typically used for comparing trends over time

Hints & Helps:

  • Consider what areas of expenditures are important to you.
  • Instead of looking at the entire budget, you can focus on specific areas, such as defense, welfare, or education.
  • When setting up your ideal budget, consider the needs of a diverse country with many different people, not just your own needs.
  • Consider what parts of the budget you would transfer away from the federal government and give to the states to manage.