STUDENT 3: Advertise

Length= 1 week

This lesson teaches you how to calculate area, balance spatial design, and consider the effects of color on your design.  You will calculate the material and costs of a billboard by calculating areas of different parts of their billboard.

  1. Design a billboard advertisement
  2. Calculate areas of components of the billboard
  3. Find total costs of the billboard

Lesson 3.1 Working with Fractions

Not everything is an integer. Learn a little more about fractions, how to add, and what they mean.

Lesson 3.2 Advertising and Billboards

The world’s coolest product will never make money if the customer doesn’t know it exists.

  • 11-17 grid paper
    A good company must be able to advertise products well.  Your assignment is to design an 11’x17’ Billboard advertisement for your company.  Billboards must have at least the name of your company, the Slogan of the company, and 3 different colors.  Once designed you must estimate accurately the surface area of each of the graphical components of the billboard and the cost to print it.

Hints & Helps:

  • Look at actual billboards, either online or as you travel through your neighborhood. Try to understand what makes the billboards good or bad.  Identify lettering size, colors, slogans, and images that make the sign successful, or which cause it to fail.