STUDENT 2: Create and Sell Product

Length= 2 weeks

This lesson teaches you how to calculate and estimate weekly payments for specific products your company is selling. These products are sold to other students and will be billed for and paid weekly by them. You will be researching and developing new products to sell, calculating payments, and preparing to receive payment of these bills on a weekly basis throughout the remainder of the course.

  1. Research and develop products for their company to sell to other students.
  2. Calculate bill payments associated with the products they have developed
  3. Purchase all the required products
  4. Begin paying bills and earning incomes

Lesson 2.1 Developing Products

Rentals, automobiles, insurance, food, and clothes; all the things we love to spend money on.

Lesson 2.2 Selling and Billing Products

This is how a company earns money.

Lesson 2.3 Tracking Your Business and Sales

This is how a company keeps track of your sales.

 Hints & Helps: