STUDENT 14: Projecting Profits

Length= 1 weeks

This unit teaches how to graph company profits, and create equations for projecting profits based on future sales.

  1. Create linear graphs of company sales and profits.
  2. Create linear equations to represent company sales and profits.

Lesson 14.1 Graphing Refresher

Graphing profits can become a slippery slope if you don’t do the math right.

Lesson 14.2 Projecting Profits

Projecting profits helps you to decide if a product is worth your time to sell.

Lesson 14.3 Graphing Profits

Putting  your companies finances onto a graph can help you see the big picture.

Lesson 14.4 Graphing Equations

Using an equation to plot the points makes graphing easier.

Hints & Helps

Remember Algebra?