STUDENT 1: Introduction – Choose a Company

Length = 1 week

This unit will focus on introducing the course material and getting started.  You will take personality surveys and fill out job applications.  You will determine which companies you want to work for and will begin developing products to sell to other classmates.  The Basic Math Skills Test is a good way to evaluate your math abilities and can help you in determining the placement of students into companies.

  1. Understand the course requirements
  2. Understand how to earn their wages
  3. Correctly complete a Personality Survey
  4. Correctly complete a Job Application
  5. Be hired by a company in the class

BF L1.1 Introduction to Course

You will be introduced to the structure of the class and will understand why it is necessary to buy your grade.

BF L1.2 Weekly Time Cards

If you don’t keep track of your hours and your work, you won’t get paid.

BF L1.3 Introduction to Companies

Retail, Services, Construction, Transportation, Agriculture, Communications… so many types of companies to choose from.  You will learn about the companies you can work for in this class.

BF L1.4 Personality Survey

What type of personality do you have?  Knowing this is a great help in selecting a career path.

BF L1.5 Applying For a Job

It is not enough to wish you had a job, you have to earn it.

BF L1.6 Interview Questions

Many Hiring decisions are made within the first few seconds of an interview. You need to make a great first impression.

Hints and Helps:

Look into other tests or online information