STUDENT: Business Finance

We are updating the material in Business Finance for January 2016.  We hope you enjoy the changes!

How many employees do I need?  What are my profits?  How do I do my taxes?  Answer the basic questions that each small business owner needs to know.  Create businesses and sell products.

Week 1 C2 BTN Choose a Company Unit 1
Choose a Company
This unit will introduce the course material.  You will take personality surveys and fill out job applications.  You will determine which companies you want to work for.
Week 2
Week 3
C2 BTN Sell a Product Unit 2
Create and Sell Product
This lesson teaches you how to calculate and estimate weekly payments for specific products your company is selling.
Week 4 C2 BTN Advertise Unit 3
This lesson teaches you how to calculate area, balance spatial design, and consider the effects of color on your design as you calculate the price of an advertisement.
Week 5
Week 6
C2 BTN Where are Taxes Spend Unit 4
Where is Tax Money Spent
You will learn the importance the government places on taxes, learn about very large numbers, and will learn where tax money is spent.
Week 7 C2 BTN Federal Taxes Unit 5
Federal Taxes
You will understand different tax structures and will calculate taxes from the tax brackets.
Week 8 C2 BTN Tax Return Unit 6
Tax Returns
You will complete a simple personal tax return form for Federal Taxes using form 1040EZ.
Week 9 C2 BTN Staffing T-Shirts Unit 7
Calculating Staffing Requirements
 This lesson teaches how to calculate costs and staffing requirements in a company.
Week 10 C2 BTN Sale Price Popcorn Unit 8
Calculating Selling Price
This lesson expands the concepts of unit sales and percents by teaching you how to create a pricing model for a popcorn company.
Week 11 C2 BTN Product Design Marshmallow Shooter Unit 9
Product Design and Sales
This lesson expands the concepts of unit sales and percents by teaching students how to design and sell a Marshmallow Shooter.
Week 12
Week 13
C2 BTN Travel Agent Unit 10
Travel Agent – Design a Trip
This lesson teaches students how to plan for a road trip.  they will calculate travel costs, hotel costs, and time zones.
Week 14 C2 BTN Resturant Design a Menu Unit 11
Restaurant Owner – Menu Design
You will use fractions, unit conversion, markup, and unit sales as you create a menu and associated recipes for a restaurant.
Week 15 C2 BTN Shipping Prices Unit 12
This lesson will teach students the basics of calculating shipping costs.
Week 16 Unit 13
Experimental Probability
This unit teaches about probability, both calculated and experimental.
Week 17
Week 18
C2 BTN Catering Unit 14
Projecting Profits
This unit teaches how to graph company profits, and create equations for projecting profits based on future sales.
Week 19
Week 20
BTN C1 Final Unit 15
Business Finance Final Review
During this lesson, you will review some of the most fundamental topics that are needed to survive in life.  These items will be on the final exam.