STUDENT: Consumer Math Curriculum

You can access all of the lessons and outlines FREE as a student. The lessons are taught by your teacher each day in class. Use the workbook to practice the skills being taught. Focus on making the projects really good. Remember, you are learning about real life. Don’t just try to get through the class; learn as much as you can. This may be the only class that teaches this material.  Have fun!

Semester 1
Personal Finance (20 weeks)
Semester 2
Business Finance (20 weeks)
You will learn about math by applying the principles being taught in real life. Success means you stay out of debt. The richest person gets an “A”.

Topics include: How do I get a job? How much money am I worth? How do I pay my bills?

You will build on and expand the personal finance lessons. Now you apply those principles to a business. Compete with other businesses to make money.

Topics include: How many employees do I need? What are my profits? How do I do my taxes?

Access the Online Bank

Login and keep track of your bills: Check your bank balance frequently to ensure no one is taking money from your account. See what bills are paid, unpaid, or what checks you need to deposit.

You can get your username and password from your teacher.

  • Check out the Student Software Tutorial for help in changing bills and keeping track of your account balance.