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29/11/2017 11:39 am  

I used the consumer math curriculum last year and am currently setting up this year's class.  When using testmoz, several quizzes have missing images.  Are there new or updated quizzes to use?

Also, is there any way to clear out student data from last year?


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29/11/2017 12:11 pm  

When you renew your bank subscription everything will still be there from when you used it before. We don’t clear that out and reset defaults. Your defaults will be what ever you changed it to. 

Testmoz is a third party software. Once an account is created for you we copied all material to your account and you own it. I do not control content once you get it. You can create modify or delete quizzes. I cannot. We had very little interest in testmoz and have discontinued that product.
I am in the process of creating our own online test website with courses. This will be controlled by us but it isn’t ready yet.