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Syllabus (Course Guide)  


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05/08/2017 2:42 pm  

I am excited to be teaching Consumer Math this year.  I *think* I have my students setup for the online portion of the course and am going through the course material. 

A few questions to get started...

1) Does anyone have a course syllabus or course guide that they are willing to share?  I will be using most of the same content as I have for my other classes, but am trying to work out the best wording for the grading portion so that it is in student and parent friendly terms.

2) What have others done concerning calculator usage?  In the real world the my calculator app is on the front page of my phone and I use it alot, so I am inclined to let students use their calculators, but I see many math skills drills and worksheets.  Do you allow students to use their calculators with these?

3) Do any others have a section on drill on making change?  A bill is 5.22 and I give you a $10 and you ring it up.  Wait, I do have 2 cents.  Now what?  Have others done this and if so how?  This actually happened at a drive up with me and a former student and I needed to tell him the amount o f change needed.

4)  Not sure if I am getting everything correct, but it seems there are alot of small pieces of paper for students to keep track of.  Any best practices on that?  I was thinking of giving students a couple of envelopes to track current and paid expenses.

Looking forward to the coming year!
- Clark

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05/08/2017 3:22 pm  

Here are some things I do.

2) I let my students use calculators. In the real world they use them. I let them use them on the skills drills worksheets as well, but I don't require these sheets as assignments. They are optional and are worth $20 each. I prefer to focus on the projects. The students like the worksheets, and will do them anyways since they like the $20.

4) Students can login and view their accounts. When they write their checks, I have them staple everything to the check register and turn it in as a package. I return them after I check it and most of the students will keep them. Especially when I start making changes and "steal" money from them. They start to keep everything.

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29/08/2017 5:06 am  

 I created a brief syllabus for this course. This is the first time I am teaching from it and I will definitely be asking questions throughout the course.


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