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Online SubscriptionsSubscribe to our website and have access to all of our curriculum online.

Printed Teaching MaterialTired of waiting on the photocopy machine? We provide handouts and worksheets as bound workbooks.

Custom ProductsWe offer a wide variety of services designed to help you.

Fun StuffBuying and selling grades is unique. Show that you are proud of what you have learned. Let everyone know:

I bought my grade and I LIKED it.

Online Subscription

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Online Subscription

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1 Week Trial Financial Tracking Software Full Online Membership
Lessons: 79 lesson covering 31 units. checkmark-small checkmark-small checkmark-small
Lesson Reviews: 76 reviews for the lessons covering 31 units. checkmark-small checkmark-small checkmark-small
Worksheets: 100+ worksheets with two different versions. checkmark-small
Projects: 36 unique week long projects. checkmark-small
* Quizzes: 49 quizzes covering material found on the worksheets. checkmark-small
* Unit Tests and Finals: 14 cumulative unit tests and 1 final. checkmark-small
** Testmoz Account: 59 online quizzes pre-loaded (upon request) checkmark-small
Financial Tracking Software: Cost depends on student count.  checkmark-small

(1 week trial 3 Students)

checkmark-small(Student Number Varies) checkmark-small(Student Number Varies)
Price range is from 5 to 200 students.  Free  $25 – $325  $145 – $465

* Test and quiz numbers reflect Personal Finance only. Business Finance will be updated by January 2016 and the number will nearly double. As online content is updated, all subscribers receive any upgrades at no cost.

** Testmoz is a third party website. With an online subscription, we will create your Testmoz account and pay for one year subscription. We will also migrate any existing test to that account for you to use. This service would need to be renewed annually. With this site you are free to create and modify any test on your site. I use Testmoz because it is the best online test site for the money that I can find.

Printed Teaching Material

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The following material is available for use as teachers to purchase. No more waiting for the photo copier!The teachers manuals contain all printed material organized and groups for easy use.
Student interactive workbooks and checkbooks provide make it easy to ensure students are keeping up with assignments and material.
With the purchase of the Full Online Package you have access to the financial Tracking Software as well as access to PDF files of the curriculum.

Consumer Math
Personal Finance Business Finance Home Ec Life Skills
Curriculum on CD: CD’s contains all of the lessons and reviews in MS-PowerPoint format, and PDF files of all of the worksheets, projects, quizzes, tests, and forms for each subject. CD-PF CD-BF CD-CFS CD-HERO
Teachers Resource Manual: The Resource Manual has the pacing guides and a hard copy of all the printed material for use in making extra copies for the students. Teacher's Set TRBF 1
Interactive Notebook: (1 per student) Notebooks contain printed material for students; time-cards, notes pages, worksheets, and more. Pages are perforated. WB-PF WBBF 2
Student Checkbook: (1 per student) Checkbooks contain 200 individual checks and 25 check registers. Checks are individually perforated for easy removal. CB2 CB2 CB2 CB2
Classroom Packages: Bundle the material you need and receive receive a discount on your orders. Sets include website memberships, software registration, and printed material. CS-PF BF Set

Fun Stuff

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Buying and selling grades is unique. Show that you are proud of what you have learned. Let everyone know:

I bought my grade and I LIKED it.

Custom Products

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  • We can help you design, layout, and bind in a softbound book format all of your handouts, lecture notes, and nearly anything you want your students to keep. Interactive notebooks and calendars designed specifically around your class or school are a snap.

Curriculum Development

  • Our staff comes from many disciplines and training. We can help you adapt your curriculum to help you sell grades, we offer completed curriculum packages, and we can custom develop lessons and units based on your needs.


  • We staff includes fully credentialed teachers, master teachers, and teachers with specific training in curriculum development. We are here to help.

Seminars and Training

  • Does your school or district need presentations or speakers for your next Staff development classes? Bring us to your site and we can help improve teaching and test scores at all levels.