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Students earn money for their work, and then buy their grades with the money they have saved. Anyone in debt doesn’t pass! It’s like real life.Students prepare for life as they buy their grade.  Teach them how to apply for jobs, learn interviewing skills, and earn money as they apply the principles you teach.No matter the subject, motivating students with money is fun! Poor behavior? Truancy? Give them a $100 and the problems disappear. Classroom management has never been so easy! The online Financial Tracking Software keeps track of all of it for you. No paper money!

Frequently asked questions: Learn some strategies that make it easier to set up your class.

Real Life In Your Classroom

Students buy their grades. They don’t get points, they earn money. The assignments are based in things they will do in real life and apply to the students directly. They are not based on a random example; they are real examples. If they stay out of debt, they pass.

These are not lessons about how to perform an arbitrary educational standard; these lessons focus on teaching how to apply our lessons in the real world. It will revolutionize the way you teach. – Mr. Hunter

Lessons are designed to help you introduce and teach the concepts, assign the work, and expect them to perform. Our curriculum includes complete lessons, practice worksheets, and various forms of assessment ranging from: quizzes, tests, and projects for each unit. When your student completes the assignments, you give them a paycheck for what they produce. Just like real life.

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What We Provide

  • Learn about our Online Curriculum, and see what is available to you and your students. We have free lessons and lesson plans available online for your students as well as additional access you can subscribe to.
  • Our Printed Material makes teaching easy. Don’t be dependent on the schools network or the photocopier. Find what you need to make it easier for you to teach today.
  • The Financial Tracking Software makes creating paychecks, issuing bills, and keeping track of money easy. There is no printed paper money involved. Everything is electronic and online! Nothing to install and we are compatible with most handheld devices.
  • We Can Customize Your CurriculumWith in house printing capabilities, your possibilities are unlimited. We can make books, videos, online resources, or nearly any material you need.
  • Be proud that you Sell Grades! Our store has a fun side. Check out the fun things you and your students can get at our online store.

About Us

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